Matthew Duckworth

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Matthew Duckworth

What is a Credit Memo?

Credit memos are documents used by banks to assess the risk of a loan. They are typically used for loans over $200,000 and are read by a loan committee to determine whether or not to approve the loan. Credit memos are important because they help reduce confusion and increase...

Matthew Duckworth

Negotiation Strategy for Buying a Business

Welcome back! Today we're talking about negotiation and the Ackerman Method, which is featured in the book Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss. This book has been a huge bestseller since it was published in 2016, and it contains a lot of great material that really works....

Matthew Duckworth

Four Principles of Effectiveness: Principle #2... Cause & Effect Decision-making

In article one of this series, I told you about how I've learned to value simplicity, how this appreciation led to the 4 principles of effectiveness, and I also introduced Principle #1: Conscious Decision-making... This month we journey into Principle #2... Recognizing the Cause & Effect Relationship Between...

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